Meet the Wellness Weekend Speakers



Dr. Zelana Montminy, The Power of Resilience

Dr. Zelana Montminy is a renowned wellness architect, providing an unparalleled, realistic perspective rooted in science. Whether it’s as an esteemed author, hosting a television show, or leading a transformational retreat, Dr. Zelana is paving the way for mental fitness. A prominent figure in Positive Psychology and one of Maria Shriver’s Architects of Change, Dr. Zelana is the author of bestselling 21 Days to Resilience. She speaks around the world and is a go-to authority in the media appearing on Access Live, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors and more. She also makes ongoing contributions to the pages of Real Simple Magazine, Health Magazine, Redbook, Better Home & Gardens, and the list goes on. Dr. Zelana graduated from Pomona College with honors and holds Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology. She also has a certification in nutrition from Cornell University. Chairwoman of the Montminy Group, Dr. Zelana is a member of the American Psychological Association and is active in the Young President's Organization serving in a variety of chapter, regional and international board roles. She is on the Advisory Council of Common Sense Media and on the Scientific Advisory Board of Lovevery.  Dr. Zelana lives in Los Angeles and is a devoted wife and mom to two vibrant children who are her greatest teachers! 


Hormone & Mental Health: “Sex, Sleep, Mood, and More”Featuring:

Cynthia Watson, MD - is board certified in family medicine and nationally recognized as practitioner and lecturer in the field of integrated medicine. Dr. Watson is known for incorporating conventional medicine and herbal medicine, homeopathy, natural hormone therapy, and nutrition.

Sarah Oreck, MD, MS, is a Columbia University-trained psychiatrist focusing on women’s mental wellness.

Candace Burch, MA -is a health educator, journalist, and women’s health advocate whose career has spanned two continents over 30 years. Her goal is to help people re-balance their hormones and to relieve symptoms and restore balance in their lives.

Samara Zelniker, is dedicated to creating a platform for leaders to reach their infinite potential. With over a decade of experience teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, and as a founder of Mindfulness Matters, her focus lies in applying these age old concepts to modern day life.

Lauren Breiding, (panel moderator) Lauren’s blog “Detox Me Tuesday” is about helping others make safer choices in the home one item at a time. She has dedicated herself to researching and helping you find products you love, brands you can stand behind, and most importantly ease the burden of switching to safer.

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Bryan Hixson, Brain Performance “How to Retrain Your Anxious Brain”

A new frontier of technologies to naturally change your brain

Presented by Bryan Hixson, a leading neuroscience expert in quantitative EEG brain mapping, neurofeedback brain training, and nutritional cellular health. Mr. Hixson is the Director of Digital Brain Health for Sharecare/ He is also AARP’s brain health expert consultant for its Staying Sharp platform, serving 38 million members. Additionally, he is the founder and director of the Brain Performance Centers of Southern California, and an EEG brain mapping contractor for the U.S. Army.