Behind The Labels


Do we have your attention? Great, because you’re not going to want to miss what LM has curated for our next marketplace. Here’s a quick snapshot into a couple of our new talented local purveyors who are shaking things up around town! Let’s face it, as women we want to be both inspiring and inspired and this next batch of beauties does just that.

Don't forget to RSVP for our December 6th event at HD Buttercup Culver City from 6-10pm.

Founded by twin sisters, Ashley and Sara Kellenberger, KIN/K brings to life the ease of California cool and the sophistication of the city. Their hats are beautifully crafted by hand and inspired by the creative process that is the art of millinery. Their process is defined by HERITAGE, QUALITY MATERIALS & CRAFTSMANSHIP.

Keeping on the theme of dynamic sister duos, Mary & Lucy Firestone have spent the last several years creating a “destination for sharing inspiration, ideas and authentic experiences”. Naturally, their spiritual journey and experiences of awakening the spirit and soul have morphed into their new fragrance, The First, which embodies pure joy. A reminder to live your one Wild Precious Life.

Dina Litt